About Me

If you didn't get this from my first post, I live in a ridiculously small town and I love it. I have always lived in a small town and the thought of living in a city makes my head hurt. I live with my boyfriend, Spidey, and roommate, Roy*. They are firefighters/EMTs/most badass people in the world, and I am just the lame/cowardly girl that lives with them. I could never do what they do, like walk into a burning building or pull people out of wrecks. But thank God they can.

But back to Crazytown. That is what I like to call the town I live in. It makes it seem more....lively.  Spidey's family lives in Crazytown, and my family lives only a couple of towns over, in Fishville. I don't know what I would do if I didn't live close to my family. Probably go insane. I still talk to my mom at least once a day. It's good for my mental health.

What's that you say? You want to know more about my family? Well you should know that I have the best parents in the world, Mama Cougar and Papa Cougar. My friends and I used to call them Mama and Papa Goldfish, but somehow they evolved into Cougars. I also have a younger brother and a younger sister. They annoy the hell out of me sometimes, but that is what younger siblings do. I love them.

Right now I am a full time college student trying to become a kindergarten teacher. I feel that most of the classes I am taking right now are a waste of my time. Kindergarteners will not know who Edgar Allan Poe is or be able to understand any of his stories. So why, dear institution, am I being forced to study this? Can't I study something more useful like colors, shapes, and the alphabet?

I also work two jobs. I am a barista, and I also work at the equivalent of a cafeteria for the athletes at my school. Coffee is gross, and the athletes, especially the football players, are hilarious to talk to/listen to.

I think that about sums it up for what you need to know about me.

Small Town Girl

*Roy is not his real name, I changed it so no one can creep him.